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A New Toy Every Day is an advertisement produced for LEGO/Samsonite and aired on television in Canada in 1982. It is set to the tune of a song in the style of 80's pop, saying that LEGO becomes a brand new toy each day.

Song Lyrics[]

One set, one set, one LEGO set

Connects together with another set

Put them together and once they've met

Hey, that LEGO grows

Get in the good ideas with a LEGO set

Add something different from another set

Put them together and you can play

With a new toy every day

'Cause a LEGO set connects to the next set

The next set connects to the - to the next set

Put them together, what do ya say

It's A New Toy Every Day!


  • This is one the second LEGO commercial to be produced with stop-motion, the first being "Kipper" in 1981.