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A New Computer is a 2003 slice of life brickfilm by Pat Mahoney about a man who goes out to buy a new computer.[1] It was created for the comedy competition in BricksWest 2003's animation festival[2] and was voted Best of Show by the audience.[3] In 2006, Mahoney was invited to submit the film to The Streaming Festival, an online-only film festival.[4] A New Computer is the only brickfilm released by Pat Mahoney, apart from one test.[5]


A man is reading on his porch when he thinks about getting a new computer. He gets into his car and drives to the computer store, where an assistant helps him pick out a computer and brings it to his car for him. The man drives home and brings the box inside. He unpacks a computer, a monitor and many wires. He then cleans off his desk and places the monitor and computer before plugging it all in. The man is finally ready to turn on his new computer and begins using it, but soon experiences a blue screen of death. He restarts the computer only for it to blue screen again, and he hurls it out the window in anger.[1]


  • Pat Mahoney - Director
  • James Mahoney - Music