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This brickfilm is currently not known to be available on the internet. If you have it, please let us know.

A LEGO Experience is a rumored 1975 brickfilm by John Lakos and another New York student whose identity is unknown. All known information about this film stems from two posts in the Usenet newsgroup, written by Erik Olson in 1999. Olson met John Lakos, from whom he learned the information about the film. It was a school project by two students, shot on Super 8 at 9 frames per second, frame doubled to get 18fps.[1] It featured LEGO Homemaker figures. A book of the film was also created.[2]

A LEGO Experience is one of the very earliest known brickfilms, and the earliest known from America. It has a reported length of approximately 30 minutes, making it much longer than other brickfilms from the time and than brickfilms for many years to come. It is the earliest known brickfilm to include sound, as it was mentioned that the co-director also scored the film.


"It follows the exploits of Granny--if you played with Big People you remember Granny--and the rest of her gang of thoughtless criminals as they bungle crime after crime with "Too Much TNT." In one scene, just after they have destroyed an armored car with a too-powerful tank, the gang's getaway van is chased by a fleet of police cars. Giving them the slip, the van drives inside a larger truck which then goes past the cops in the other direction. Finally it drives into a still larger van to make the escape good. Ah, the possibilities of whimsical scale.

Some of the film is live action as vehicles and sets explode, and the maker was quite proud of the care it took to accomplish the seamless transitions to these "effects shots".

The script of "A LEGO Experience" begins with lots of vehicles and soon leads to the destruction of a building. Then the story follows the space adventures of the characters as they take off in a rocket. Finally the rocket returns to a strangely altered, pastoral Earth. But soon the LEGO people go back to their old element and the cycle starts anew...
- Erik Olson, 1999


  • John Lakos - Director
  • Unknown - Director, Music