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A Grand and Merry Race is a 2003 slapstick-comedy racing brickfilm by Doug James and Jared Gilbert. It is set to the music "Powerhouse" composed by Raymond Scott and was an entry to the BrickFest 2003 Music Video Animation Competition, in which it won the award for Best of Show.[1] It is a spiritual successor to Doug James' film A Grand and Merry Chase,[2] which was also created for a music-based brickfilm contest (the Classical Movie Contest).


At the first annual automobile race, seven contestants are ready at the starting line. When the starting shot is fired, one vehicle immediately falls to pieces while the other six take off. The flagman is run over repeatedly in the rush and a steam-powered car takes the initial lead. Doug James and Jared Gilbert in their Green Goblin racer knock a pair of villains' car off the track and into water, taking them out of the race. The race continues with five contestants but is soon brought down to four when the steam-powered car crashes into a tree.

Doug and Jared are being closely followed by a group of three Native Americans, so Doug produces a can of oil and pours it onto the road. The Native Americans' car spins out and flips over, and they writhe in frustration. Doug and Jared ram a ninja's car in a battle for the top spot, but the two cars rebound and are sent flying into the air, landing in a heap just before the finish line. Doc Tex, the driver of a mechanical iron horse, speeds by the wreckages and takes first place.[3]