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A Grand and Merry Chase is a 2001 slapstick brickfilm by Doug James. It follows a chase between royal guards and a thief. It is set to the William Tell Overture by Gioachino Rossini and was an entry to the Classical Movie Contest on,[1] in which it was nominated for the Best Film prize.[2] It was followed by a spiritual successor, A Grand and Merry Race, in 2003.


When a thief is discovered attempting to plunder the royal treasury, he begins to make his escape on horseback. A large number of guards on horses leave the castle to chase him. The thief's horse manages to jump over a ravine, and all of the guards make the same jump except for one, who falls into the river below and is pursued by crocodiles. The chase continues through fields of farm animals, and a guard manages to fall over a pig, which he then takes instead of his horse.

The thief and guards encounter a dragon, which pursues them all. They flee back to the castle, and a cannonball is fired at the dragon, scaring it off. The thief is then finally escorted to a prison cell.