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A Forest - The Cure is a 2003 music video brickfilm by Nick Maniatis. It portrays Cure frontman Robert Smith in a disorienting forest attempting to reach a girl.[1] It was an entry to the BrickFest 2003 Music Video Animation Competition, and Maniatis had to edit the song in order to keep the film under the competition's 4-minute time limit. It pays homage to 1980's music videos, in techniques such as edited repeated footage.[2]


In a forest, Robert Smith is attempting to find a girl. He catches glimpses of her, and attempts to walk in her direction. He hears her voice calling him name and attempts to follow it. He begins to run deeper into the trees, and the forest seems to get brighter. He becomes lost in the forest, and realises that he had only been imagining the girl. He comes across a stone doorway leading to a white void, and runs through the nothing.[1]