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A Day at the Theatre is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Zach Macias. It follows Ben and Andy on their way to the movies when they have an encounter with an escaped monkey.[1] It was the first film in the Ben and Andy series to be released (though the second film in the series, The Bad Day, was already being planned prior to its production).[2] It was an entry into the first Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed seventh in Judges Choice and sixth in Entrant's Choice.[3]


Ben and Andy walk down a street to a theatre, looking forward to seeing a new movie. When they reach the entrance, they are interrupted by a monkey who runs past them and down the street. Ben and Andy are dumbfounded, and a monkey wrangler comes rushing up to them asking about the monkey. They point in its direction and the wrangler runs off. As Ben and Andy buy tickets, they wrangler is thrown back down the street and the monkey mauls him before dragging him away. Ben and Andy stare before deciding to head in to see the movie.[1]


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