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Gurve Meh Teh Carndy!, also known as A Clone Halloween: Gurve Meh Teh Carndy!, is a 2009 comedy brickfilm by Jordan Johnson, based on Star Wars.[1] It follows the Clonetroopers Bridge and Gus on a "mission" to acquire Halloween candy.[2] It is the second film to feature Bridge and Gus, following Clone Training Center. It was followed by an announcement brickfilm and then Clone Halloween 2, four years later in 2013.


On Halloween night, two kids in costume ring the doorbell of a house. An excited man inside kicks the door open and dances to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. He admires the kids' costumes before giving them each some candy.

Nearby, the Clonetroopers Bridge and Gus observe the house. Bridge recounts their plan to pretend to be kids in costume to acquire candy from the house, and Gus begs to be the one who gets to demand candy. They approach the door and ring the bell. Inside, the Candy Man sees them and lines up his music, before kicking the door open and dancing. He begins to talk but Gus raises his gun and immediately demands candy, before suddenly shooting the Candy Man. Bridge reprimands Gus for straying from the plan, and dreads what will happen to them when they return to base.[2]



Gurve Meh Teh Carndy! was nominated for five awards in the 2009 BiMAs including Best Film, and won one. The Best Vocal Performance nomination was for Jordan Johnson's performance as Gus.[4]

Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Film Nominated
Best Animation Won
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Vocal Performance Nominated


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