SmallMedal A Christmas Carol in Bricks
Ebenezer Scrooge enters his house
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Directed by
Released December 24, 2002
  • Stefan van Zwam
  • Martin
  • Guido
Running time
Language English

A Christmas Carol in Bricks is a 2002 brickfilm by Stefan van Zwam.[1] It is an adaptation of the novella A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.[2]

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Wouter as Bob Cratchit
  • Stefan van Zwam as Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Guido as Nephew Fred, Spirit of Christmas Present
  • Martin as Jacob Marley, Spirit of Christmas Past, Tiny Tim, Man 2
  • Michelle as Sister Fan
  • Petra as Girlfriend
  • Marcel van Zwam as Fighter, Boy
  • Maurice as Mrs. Cratchit, Man 1

Crew Edit

  • Stefan van Zwam - Animator, Script adaptor, Sound editor, Visual effects, Sound effects, Main set designer
  • Marcel van Zwam - Assistant set designer
  • Rita van Zwam - Assistant set designer

Stefan on 5 in het Land

In the media Edit

A Christmas Carol in Bricks received coverage in local and national newspapers and on radio in the Netherlands.[3] It was the focus of a segment on brickfilming on the national TV news program 5 in het Land, for which Stefan was interviewed, and this report is what got fellow Dutch brickfilmer Bert Loos into brickfilming.[4]

References Edit

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