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A Christmas Caper is a 2014 comedy brickfilm by Zach Macias. It is the eighth film in the Ben and Andy series and follows the story of Ben trying to explain his way out of his alleged involvement in a robbery.[1] It is the first Ben and Andy film since Social Experiment, released in 2008. It began as a film for the eleventh Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest but was not fully completed in time, so an early cut of the film missing certain scenes and some sound design was submitted to the contest.[2]


In an interrogation room, an incredulous cop asks to hear Ben's side of the story. Ben explains that he and his roommate Andy returned home to discover two thieves - who look exactly like Ben - ransacking their apartment and playing their video games. The thieves tie Ben up with Christmas lights and dress him in their clothes, intending to frame Ben for their crimes.

The interrogating cop doesn't believe Ben. Another cop demands answers, but the first cop sends the second cop out to get coffee. Ben asks the cop to talk to Andy. The cop responds, "Oh don't worry, we'll get his input."

Andy peers through a one-way mirror, looking at a police line up. Every suspect has a standard smiley face, like Ben. Andy, flummoxed, asks "Are you serious?"[1]



  • Zach Macias - Director, animator, editor
  • Jens Kiilstofte - Music


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