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A Brickfilm Christmas is a 2017 community project brickfilm coordinated by Christof Muñoz, in association with Bricks in Motion.[1] It takes the format of a television Christmas special, running for a full half-hour with commercial breaks. It includes animation from 20 different community members. It is the longest ever original community project brickfilm, and it is the first listed as being in official association with Bricks in Motion. In 2018, a spiritual successor to the project took place, the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas. Another, the Brickfilm Community Christmas Collab, occurred in 2019. 


On the 11th of September 2017, Christof Muñoz proposed his idea for a collaborative BiM half-hour Christmas special, and the concepts of brickfilmers telling their personal Christmas stories in the film as well as commercial breaks made up of short brickfilms.[2] An initial submission deadline of October 31 was mentioned, but main story submissions were accepted until November 28, after which Muñoz animated the framing device segments with the signature figures of the story contributors.[3] Kristóf Fekete-Kovács offered to provide original music and sound editing for these segments. Commercials continued to be accepted up until the release day. The film was released on December 17, being created in a shorter time compared to previous community projects.[4]


On Christmas Eve, all operations at BFC International Airport are halted due to snowy weather. A group of six brickfilmers find themselves grounded in the airport overnight, and they tell the stories of their favorite Christmas memories to help pass the time.


The signature figures of the seven main cast members,
together in the airport


  • Disastrous
    • "Undershadow" - Animator, Editor, Narrator
    • Keira Skiles - Additional voice
    • John Luke Skiles - Additional voice
  • An Unusual Christmas Stroll
    • by Henry "Dragon Brick Studios" Thomas
  • Riddles for the Gift
    • Kristóf Fekete-Kovács - Director, Composer
    • Máté Fekete-Kovács - Story, Youngest brother voice
    • Ambrus Fekete-Kovács - Story
    • Benedek Fekete-Kovács - Story, Eldest brother voice
  • Christmas VHS

The witch closeups in Christof Muñoz's segment were filmed with the LEGO Studios camera.

  • The Case of the Noseless Snowman
  • The Best Gift Ever
  • Preemptive Christmas Tree
    • Chris Major - Writer, Animator, Voice
    • Tim M., Chase S., Oliver M., Harry M. and Julia M. as themselves


  • You Should Be Driving A Portia
    • Robert "Feinstein Films" Santine - Animator, Music
  • Walkomatic
  • Emotion Neutral No Specific Occasion
  • John Buttocks and the Comanche Ninjas
    • Noah Woodard - Writer, Director, Animator
    • Greyson Courtney - Voices
  • Brick Drink
  • Noelica
    • Joe "NYAJ Frame-ations" - Animator, Writer (with family), Editor, Set design, Side effects voice actor
    • Andrew - Writer
    • Jude - Writer
    • Mike - Man voice actor
  • A Christmas Dog
  • Bricktoria's Secret
  • Soggy Fruitcake
    • by "Brick Block Animations"
  • Bricks-A-Million
    • "Wammy" - Animator, Voice
    • "MegRae" - Voice
  • Winter Warmers
    • Aaron "Brickman" Soileau - Writer, Animator, Voices of Salesperson #1 and #2
    • Scott Soileau as Customer
  • Bricksiba Ready
  • Ogel Control Center Premium Vacation Resort
  • The Awesome Weight Loss Program


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