ARTEC studios
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Also known as
  • Peter Kučera
  • Petr Kučera
  • pjotr426
Years active
1999 - 2008
Nationality Czech Flag Czech
Notable works

ARTEC studios is a Czech brickfilming collective consisting of main director Peter Kučera plus collaborators. They are early Czech brickfilmers, starting in 1999 using a black and white security camera and a VHS recorder until upgrading their equipment in 2001.[1]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
1999 BASIC
1999 Piráti
1999 Hrady
2000 Star Trek LEGO X Co-production with Martin Ročkai[2]
2001 Hvězdné války
2003 Star Trek LEGO: Paradox Co-production with Martin Ročkai
2006 docteur Ox
2008 Reklamní šot PONGO Advertisement for
Re-released in 2017 as The GIFT

References Edit

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