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802.701 (also known as The Time Machine or Die Zeitmaschine) is a 2008 sci-fi fantasy brickfilm by Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele. It is based on the novella The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, and is also inspired by the 1960 film of The Time Machine directed by George Pal.[1] It was an entry to Steinerei 2008 but was not eligible for prizes, as it was longer than the time limit of 6:30.[2] Troeger and Abele initially thought about submitting one half of the film each as separate entries to the festival, but this idea was not well received. The organizers liked the film and wished to show it anyway, so played it in full along with the other entries.[3]




  • Jochen Stöckle as George
  • Jana Genth as Weena
  • Thomas Schmidt as Publisher
  • Matthias Holtmann as Journalist
  • Jörg Dinkel as Doctor
  • Steffen Troeger as Filby, Eloi man 2, Eloi & Morlocks
  • Nils Baumgartner as Son
  • Jörg Witzsch as Eloi man 1
  • Michael Hatsch as Speaker
  • Sandra Abele as Eloi & Morlocks


  • Steffen Troeger - Animation, Set design, Music, Sound design
  • Sandra Abele - Animation, Set design
  • Thomas Rough - Music
  • Harry Bossert - Translation
  • Laurence Tooth - Translation
  • George Pal, Russel Garcia, M&Ms Mazzone, Boinx iStopMotion - Special thanks


Year Competition Category Result
2008 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Film Nominated
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Set Design Won
Best Visual Effects Nominated