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8-bit trip 2 is a 2021 music video brickfilm by Swedish chiptune musical duo Rymdreglage (Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh). It is the sequel to 8-bit trip from 2009, and was in production on and off for 9 years.[1] As in the original, the video features large-scale brick-built animation, including LEGO recreations of sprites from 8-bit video games.[2] It also features extensive motion-controlled camera movements, utilising a complex camera rig that took 3 years to create.


  • Tomas Redigh - Director
  • Daniel Larsson - Music, additional video production


Redigh was quoted in a feature about the brickfilm on Kotaku providing some details about how the camera movements were achieved:

"It took us around three years; it is a pretty complex system where you can draw a path for the camera movement in a 3D modeling software, in this case Blender. After that, the path is decoded into G-code, a language for CNC machines, so you can use it to control stepper motors, making the camera 'float' around in the room where we were building the LEGO characters."
- Tomas Redigh