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LEGO recreations of characters from International Karate +
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8-bit trip is a 2009 music video brickfilm, set to a song by the Swedish chiptune band Rymdreglage and animated by band member Tomas Redigh. It features large-scale brick-built animation, including LEGO recreations of sprites from 8-bit video games.[1] Since 2014, Rymdreglage have been posting updates on production of a sequel, 8-bit trip 2.[2]

Crew Edit

  • Daniel Larsson - Music
  • Tomas Redigh - Animator

Features in the media Edit

8-bit trip was featured on many websites including Gizmodo, Engadget, and Wired. Production images were shared on designboom. A 3-minute documentary about the film was uploaded to the official LEGO YouTube channel.

References Edit

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