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5 Wochen Schnee oder: Tagebuch Eines Eigenheimbesitzers ("5 Weeks of Snow or: Diary of a Homeowner"), also known as Diary of a Snowshoveler or I Love Snow, is a 2009 comedy brickfilm by Mario Baumgartner. It is about a couple who arrive at a house for sale and find the diary of the previous owner, "Bruce W.", who documented his experience living in the house during a period of heavy snowfall.[1] It was created for Steinerei 2009, and placed second in the jury results (and is believed to have also placed second in the audience results).[2] It was followed by a semi-sequel, Pimp my Kitchen mit Bruce Willis, which was commissioned by KüchenTreff in 2009 but was not publicly released until 2012.[3]

5 Wochen Schnee stars German comedian Thilo Seibel as the voice of Bruce Willis. For a number of years prior, Seibel had starred in a radio comedy show called Kollege Bruce, in which he imitated the voice of Bruce Willis as regularly heard in German dubs of films (that of voice actor Manfred Lehmann).[4]



  • Thilo Seibel as Bruce Willis
  • Steffen Troeger as Man, Neighbour
  • Sandra Abele as Woman