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25 Brickfilms of Christmas is a community project coordinated by "Slotborg" in 2018. It gathered 25 different animators who each created a film for it, with one film being released per day in December to form a brickfilm advent calendar. It was conceived as a spiritual successor to the 2017 community project brickfilm A Brickfilm Christmas. And was followed in 2019 by the Brickfilm Community Chistmas Collab, hosted by Chris Major.


In October 2018, "Slotborg" proposed the idea for the community to create a second Brickfilm Christmas film. Christof Muñoz suggested to instead try a different format, and have multiple individual brickfilms created to form a brickfilm advent calendar.[1]

Slotborg launched the project 25 Brickfilms of Christmas on October 31, seeking 24 animators in addition to herself to create brickfilms to be released once per day from December 1 to December 25.[2] Relation to the project from the previous year can be seen in that the shared intro for films in the project reuses a small section of music from A Brickfilm Christmas, and features a new logo by the designer of the logo for that project. Additionally, some of the brickfilmers who contributed to A Brickfilm Christmas also contributed to the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas. The playlist of films can be found here.


  1. Santa's Cookie - by Joshua "Plastic Point Productions" Vennetti
  2. The Awesomepants squad in... Christmas Dinner! - by "Awesomepants Films"
  3. Claus Chaos - by Philip "Mistery Studios" Westphal
  4. LEGO Santa Wish List - by "Brick Broadcasting"
  5. All I want for Christmas - by Joshua Nelson
  6. Law and Peace - by "Humbug"
  7. Dog 6 - by "Ozone Studios"
  8. Watch That Snow! - by Henry "Dragon Brick Studios" Thomas
  9. The Delivery - by "Tiny World Studios"
  10. A Hospital Christmas - by "Brickman"
  11. Gustav's Merry Christmas - by "Shawarma Studios"
  12. Owl City's Peppermint Winter - by "Undershadow"
  13. DIY Christmas Present - by Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
  14. Neon Christmas - by Hudson Ludy
  15. The Magic Stud - by Nick "OneDouglas" Douglas
  16. Blob Wants A Present - by Seza Tiara Selen
  17. When I Received My First LEGO Sets For Christmas - by Lainie May
  18. '18 - by Christof Muñoz
  19. Meanwhile in November... - by "lotsatoast"
  20. "I'm Already Dasher" - by "rioforce"
  21. My Unluckyish Life- Episode 6: Home for Christmas - by Trevor Stevens
  22. Spiderman's Merry Christmas - by "Wammy"
  23. Requiem of a Bright Star - by Spencer Berglund
  24. Fountain - Wolves At The Gate - by Chris Major
  25. An Extra Special Christmas Special - by "Slotborg"