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1xY is a 2003 action brickfilm by Errol Elumir.[1] It was Elumir's first brickfilm[2] and was created for and won a staff competition held by his workplace, Children's Technology Workshop.[3] Elumir was limited to only using what little LEGO his workplace could supply which did not include minifigures, and so 1xY became well known for its use of LEGO plates as characters. It was mentioned as being one of the main sources of inspiration for the 10 Brick Contest.[4]


An army of yellow 2x4 plates are ordered by their emperor to hunt down "1xYs", red plate people consisting of three 1x4 limbs. On the outskirts of Legopolis City, a 1xY is dropped off by a bus driver. The 1xY enters the city, and he is targeted by a pair of 2x4s who tell him that he is under arrest and this his consciousness will be terminated so that he may be used for the glory of the empire.[1]


The 1xY faces 2x4 troops

The 1xY resists arrest and fights the 2x4s. A further army of 2x4s arrive and the 1xY takes them all on, outmaneuvering them on account of his multiple limbs. Eventually, a trapdoor opens and the 1xY falls deep underground, landing before the emperor. The emperor presses a button and a giant scorpion-like creature enters. The 1xY fights and defeats the creature, and as a reward for killing the beast he and all the other 1xYs are set free.


Elumir was working on 1xY2 in 2004. A trailer was released on August 16, 2004, but the film ended up not being completed.[5]