10 Jahre Oli-AG Gemeinschaft Projekt 2016
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Released November 12, 2016
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10 Jahre Oli-AG Gemeinschaft Projekt 2016 ("10 Years of Oli-AG Community Project 2016") is a 2016 community project coordinated by Oliver Berger. It was created to celebrate the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Berger first posting brickfilms online.[1] It is a compilation of twelve short films; one brickfilm by Berger, ten brickfilms by various other community members, and one 2D animated film. The films are either about Berger or make reference to his films, and a number of them include his recurring duo, Nik and Mazo. Contributors were selected privately. It is the third community project by the community of Brickboard, following 16 Cities - 17 Brickfilmers - One LEGO Set from the previous year.

Four different cuts of the film were uploaded over time. Changes included the addition of a slightly late clip by Sebastian Geiß-Polnau,[2] the removal of a clip by "Maxi Pictures" on request, and the removal and subsequent readding of the clip by "TV lego".[3]

Contributors Edit

10 Jahre OliAG Gemeinschaft Projekt 2016 Poster Final Cut 4

The poster with the finalised list of contributors

References Edit

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