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The 101 fad was a brickfilming fad originating in 2008 and which became popular in 2009 and 2010. It involved producing a short brickfilm centred around a specific subject, then inviting other brickfilmers to submit more films on the subject, using YouTube's since-removed video response system, to form a series of 101 films. Multiple such series did in fact reach 101 installments.


The originator of the fad was the film 101 Uses for a LEGO Stud #1, released by Seán Willis and Brian Willis on May 28, 2008. Originally produced as a standalone film, it was soon suggested by "RyBillLegoStudios" to extend this into a participatory series.[1] The series 101 Uses for a LEGO Stud reached its 101st film in early January 2009.[2]

The first series to emulate this format was 101 Ways a Minifig Can FAIL at Life, started by Richard Van De Steenoven in August 2009.[3] This was by far the most successful 101 series, reaching 101 installments in under two weeks[4], and still receiving some more submissions afterwards.[5] After the success of this series, more 101 series began to appear[6], including a second one by Steenoven, 101 Ways a Minifig Can WIN at Life.[7] New ones continued to be started until around mid 2010.[8] While the success of these series varied, some more made it to the 101 film mark.[9][10]