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007 Operation: Cement Dust is a 2007 spy brickfilm by Jakob Wasserthal. It is based on the James Bond series, and is about James Bond being sent to deal with a Soviet chemical weapons factory.[1] It was in production on and off from summer 2005 to March 2007.[2] It was the director's fourth and final brickfilm, following the short test films The Fight, The Fight II, and Western.[3]

A remastered edition of the film was released in 2011, in high definition and converted to widescreen, and with new special effects and music added.[4]


News is received that the Soviets are building up a site that is producing biological weapons, and James Bond is sent on a mission to put a stop to this. A lorry arrives at the entrance to the site, and Bond sneaks out from underneath it. He neutralizes the outside guard before heading through a door. Inside, he disables security cameras and sneaks around corridors, avoiding guards.

Bond locates the production line and begins to shoot the nearby guards, but one guard manages to pull the alarm before being shot. Bond makes his way through a ventilation system until he reaches the chemical weapon storage. He plants an explosive on the weapons before fighting off the guards that arrive in pursuit of him. He hops on a motorbike and makes his escape out of the building, before the bomb goes off and destroys the entire site.[1]


  • Jakob Gruber as Guard 1, Guard 5
  • Roman Geister as Lorry driver, Guard 4
  • Jakob Wasserthal as Guard 3, Voice 2 in the beginning


  • Jakob Wasserthal - Executive producer, Director, Camera operator, Set decorator, Sound supervisor, Digital effects, Script supervisor
  • Michael Wiedemann, Christian Ebert, Christoph Huber, Christian Breinbauer - Special thanks

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