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(Never) Meant To Be is a 2017 sci-fi brickfilm animated by Thomas Evans and edited by Sean Warton. It is a musical with an original score by Andy Stein, and is about a lone inhabitant of a spaceship who falls in love with his ship's AI robot.[1] It was an entry into the fourteenth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, in which it won first place.[2]


An astronaut laments the fact that he has been alone on his spaceship for too long, and his only companionship has come from a robot built into the ship. He begins to reveal that he has fallen in love with the robot, despite their incompatible nature. In order to be with the AI, the man begins to remove his own limbs and replace them with robot limbs, regardless of the robot trying to talk him out of it.

When the man has fully become a cyborg, he connects to the ship's computer system. However, the robot ejects itself from the ship to escape.[1]


  • Andy Stein - Lyrics, Music, Vocals
  • Thomas Evans - Animator
  • Sean Warton - Editor
  • Sam Farbach - Behind the scenes
  • Kieran Lyons - Sets and props