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"zwan" is a French brickfilmer. He is best known for Star Wars: A perilous mission, the unfinished project James Brick against Dr. Yes, and Bonaventure.[1][2] His first attempt at brickfilming was in 1994, and he was later inspired to pick up the hobby properly after seeing a 2005 TV feature on the French brickfilm Le Duel Final by Vincent Kauffmann, as well as a brickfilm online that is thought to have been LEGO Wars: La Menace Terrible.[3] He was a member of the early French brickfilming community at, where he coordinated the first French community project, The Incredible Story of James William.

Some of his brickfilms are missing as his original Dailymotion and YouTube channels have been deleted, but he has since reuploaded his most substantial projects onto a Vimeo account.


Year Title Notes
2007 Intro X [4]
2007 Super Jumpman X
2007 Super Jumpman level 2 X
2007 Super Jumpman level 3 X
2007 James Brick against Dr. Yes Unfinished
2007 The Incredible Story of James William Community project coordinated by "zwan"
2007 Rocky training X
2007 LÉGO fight X
2007 Star Wars: A perilous mission Also known as Brickwars
2007 Brickfight 2
2008 Brickfight 3 X Also known as Le chevalier contre le troll?[5]
2008 Bonaventure
2009 Gunfight
2010 Duel Jedi