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"tutur" is a French brickfilmer.[1] His film Cadavre Exquis placed in the top 3 in five categories of the 2016 Brickstars.


As all of tutur's brickfilms are unlisted or private, this list is incomplete.[2]

Year Title Notes
2013 LEGO city museum
2013 faire un château de sable CABBAB #40: "Faire un château de sable" fifth place entry
2013 Faire du Ski Nautique CABBAB #41: "Faire du ski nautique" third place entry
2013 LEGO Skyrim: Dragonborn CABBAB #42: "Jouer d'un instrument de musique" fifth place entry
2013 #1 hunting is lost
2013 #2 bowling is lost
2013 #3 asymetric bars is lost
2013 assasin's creed parkour CABBAB #43: "Faire du Parkour/du Freerunning" second place entry
2013 faire un dérapage CABBAB #44: "Faire un dérapage" third place entry
2013 construire une maison CABBAB #45: "Construire une maison" second place entry
2013 #4 rugby is lost
2013 MY HAIR!!! CABBAB #47: "Se coiffer" third place entry
2013 Sport Is Lost Special N°5
2014 Humans V.S Robots
2014 Action plastic man
2014 Charlie Bricklin Fancy Pants' "A Hero's Journey" contest entry
2014 soulever un objet! CABBAB #59: "Déplacer un objet lourd" entry
2014 23h59 8*8*8 6ème édition first place winner
2015 Action Plastic Man 2 CABBAB #65: "Brûler quelque chose" third place entry
2015 Boum! CABBAB #72: "Bande-Son - Bruitages de Combats" fourth place entry
2015 Gag #1 : PSY
2015 Challenge #76 CABBAB #76: "Mise en Scène - DUEL" third place entry
2015 - Cyrano cherche l'amour - X [3]
2016 Challenge 82 CABBAB #82: "Mise en Scène... D'une Exécution" third place entry
2016 Vous êtes des animaux Disqualified Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2016 entry
2016 Cadavre Exquis