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"timfee", also known as Timothée, is a French brickfilmer.[1] His films were usually created in collaboration with his brother, Simon. Their brickfilms featured an idiosyncratic style, often featuring LEGO within the real world.[2] Their major projects include OSeF, The Forgotten Heroes, and Clic Clac. Despite being from France, timfee was only active within the English-speaking brickfilming community, which was much more established than the French-speaking community during the years he was active.


Year Title Notes
2007 Crystal
2007 legoRun
2007 Magiemagie
2007 Ehoud
2008 Hysterica
2008 Sluggy Luce
2008 Spinach Pie Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5A entry
2008 You shall not pass
2008 Fouke Friendships and Rivalries Contest entry
2008 Arthritis Technical Excellence Competition 2nd place winner
2008 Project card game
2008 OSeF
2008 The Forgotten Heroes
2009 Clic Clac Space, Time and Reality Contest entry
2010 Brike Ellington