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Pantsahat Production
Years active
2006 - Present
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"pantsahat" is an American brickfilmer. He is known for comedy and action brickfilms that usually feature expansive sets.[1] He was introduced to brickfilming when he saw the film Extreme Delivery, in 2004 or 2005.[2]

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References Edit

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Year Title Notes
2009 The Block
2009 Al and the thug.
2010 LEGO Zombie Movie
2011 Mark Walker trailer
2012 Cookies Make the Monster
2012 Lithium
2012 LEGO halo battle (deleted scene)
2012 Unnecessary Parkour
2012 Gun Shop
2012 A Justifiable Path
2012 LEGO Cure
2013 LEGO shopping fight
2014 LEGO Shark Attack
2015 Stormtrooper Impostor
2015 Extreme Fire Fighter Rescue Squad
2015 LEGO iPhone
2015 LEGO Console War
2015 LEGO Fight Scene
2015 Super Hot Dog Guy
2015 LEGO Beach Problems
2015 The New Avengers
2015 LEGO Man Builds Tiny House
2015 Jedi Hunger Strike
2015 The Fencer
2015 Batman vs. Global Warming
2015 LEGO GTA Heist
2015 LEGO Swat Team
2015 LEGO Stop Motion Fight Animation
2015 LEGO Extreme Animal Rescue
2015 LEGO Train Robbery
2015 LEGO Scooby Doo
2015 LEGO School
2015 LEGO Santa
2016 LEGO Action Cops
2016 LEGO Train Chase
2016 LEGO Sci-fi Train Movie
2016 LEGO Pizza Space Delivery
2016 LEGO Skateboarding Fail
2016 LEGO Walmart Shopping
2017 LEGO City Train Crash
2017 LEGO Plane Chase
2017 LEGO Zombie Shopping
2017 LEGO Star Wars Action
2017 CATastrophe in Ninjago City Rebrick Ninja for a Day grand prize winner
2017 A Ruff Day For Jay Rebrick Ninja for a Day entry
2017 LEGO Gym Cookie Fail
2017 LEGO Shopping Race
2017 Tree
2017 LEGO Trip Rebrick A LEGO House Dream entry
2017 LEGO Zombies
2018 LEGO McDonald's Fail
2018 LEGO Big Cop
2018 LEGO Gym Fail Parody
2018 Harry Potter & The Great Train Robbery
2018 LEGO House Flipping
2018 LEGO Cooking Show (ft. Gordon Ramsay)
2018 LEGO Haunted House
2018 LEGO Santa VS Cookies
2019 LEGO Thomas the Train BUT it's an Anime
2019 Skyrim BUT LEGO
2019 LEGO McDonald's Zombie Invasion
2019 LEGO Spider-Man Zombie Invasion
2019 Lego Stop Motion Animation Fight Pirate Zombies
2019 If Anime Was LEGO
2019 LEGO McDonald's but you broke
2019 You get robbed at LEGO 7-Eleven
2019 "Zombies invade school, but you still have to go"
2019 "After you watch Joker..."
2019 "Every Time I go to Chipotle This Happens"
2020 "Every Time I Order Ice Cream at Mcdonald’s"
2020 "Darth Vader goes to Starbucks to become Instagram Famous"
2020 "You are forced to Play Monopoly [ASMR]"
2020 "Master Chief gets Bullied Over his Waifu"
2020 "Master Chief gets Annoyed at GameStop"
2020 "Master Chief Becomes a Femboy (The Anime)"
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