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"firebreathingluigi" is an American brickfilmer.[1] He was best known for his LEGO War series of brickfilms. All but one of his brickfilms are currently considered to be missing, as his YouTube channel has been wiped.[2]


Year Title Notes
2008? LEGO Natural Disasters X
2008? Prof. Henry Jones's Secret X
2008? Lightsaber homie to the top of the Tree X
2008? Lightsaber Homie 2 return to LEGO City X
2008? LEGO Gangstas X
2008? Master of Minifigures X
2008? LEGO Grand Prix X
2008? Attack of the Barf Bemoth X
2008? LEGO Indiana Jones and the Cloning Machine X
2009 LEGO war X
2009 LEGO Counter Strike X
2009 Rise of LEGO kitty X
2009 LEGO War 2 Fight for Beef X
2009 Doom's Revenge X
2009 LEGO Lightsaberzombie X
2009 LEGO stalker X
2009 LEGO war 3 The base X
2009 OH MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X
2009? LEGO War 4 the Invasion
2010 LEGO War 5 the forest X
2010 LEGO Dance Dance Revolution X
2010 LEGO Randomness X
2010 Master of Minifigures 2 Return of LEGO X
2011 LEGO War 6 the Attack X
2011 LEGO War 7: sneak peak X