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"WeirdEars" is a British brickfilmer. He gained notoriety in 2002 when he joined the forums at a very young age, and began making many posts and threads considered to be spam, in addition to many hastily created brickfilms. While he initially irritated members of the website (particularly Nate Burr, whom he occasionally ripped off), over time, WeirdEars began to amass a cult following of brickfilmers who found amusement in his posts and particularly in his brickfilms, such as his many Fart Competition films. WeirdEars was cited by site owner Joshua Leasure as his favourite brickfilmer. WeirdEars' most notorious work, Anne Frank in Bricks Trailer, was considered highly amusing for its gross mishandling of the subject matter, and went on to inspire a contest for parody films, the Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge.[1] In 2011, WeirdEars posted on Bricks in Motion to apologize for his past behaviour.[2] He briefly dabbled with brickfilming again in 2014.


As WeirdEars' posts, accounts, and films were often subject to deletion, this filmography should not be considered complete, and may be slightly out of order in places.

Year Title Notes
2002 Judo Chop![3]
2002 Uncle Vernon Climbs The Staircase
2002 Uncle Vernon Rises from the Dead!
2002 Uncle Vernon in: The Staircase to Nowhere
2002 Uncle Vernon in: Decapitation
2002 Harry Potter in: Emerging From A Barrel
2002 Fart Competition Part 1
2002 The Bank Machine
2002 Turn Off Your Phone X
2002 Fart Competition Part 2
2003 Fart Competition Part 3
2003 Fart Competition Part 4
2003 Corn, Chips and Dynamite: Love Is In The Air!
2003 Fart Competition Part 5
2003 The Man Who Killed Himself With Acid
2003 Fart Competition Part 6
2003 Fart Competition Part 7 X
2003 Clocktower: MOT-GWBOC: Trailer[4]
2003 Bluntman's got a brand new bag!
2003? Pizzeria Movie
2003? It Was a Very Good Beer
2003 Pepper High Series
2003 British Zombie Part 1
2003 British Zombie Part 2
2003 Anne Frank in Bricks Trailer
2003 Livin' in a Shack Words of Wisdom Contest entry
2003 Gold
2004 Uncle Vernon in: Bed Collapse
2004 Uncle Vernon in: Car Bumper
2004 Uncle Vernon in: Failed Porch
2004 The Knight Bus
2004 Fart Competition Part One Redux
2004 Mass Murderer
2014 For Old Time's Sake
2014 Anne Frank in Bricks Trailer (HD Remaster, Take 1)