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"Wammy" is an American brickfilmer[1]. He is best known for Cooking with Wrylus McBurpen, as well as his Spiderman and his Pablo series.


In 2008, Wammy was inspired to begin brickfilming after watching classic brickfilms on YouTube, such as Eden Sanders' Star Wars: An Average Death Star Day, Jason Allemann and Deane VanLuven's The Rescue, "obibrickkenobi"'s Star Wars, The Elevator, twickabrick's Echoes, and many others. Since then, brickfilming has been his favorite hobby, and he hopes to continue making brickfilms throughout many of the coming years.[citation needed] His filmography doesn't show every brickfilm he's made, because most of his older videos have unfortunately been lost or deleted over time.


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Year Title Notes
2008 Jedi Battle 1
2008 Jedi Battle 2
2008 Jedi Battle 3
2008 Jedi Battle 4
2008 Jedi Battle 5
2008 Jedi Battle 6
2011 Calvary Campside
2011 Stranded
2011 Bruce
2011 Bruce 2
2011 Do not Touch!
2011 Playing with Legos
2011 The Chicken Gun
2011 Bruce 3
2011 Sword vs. Gun
2011 The Guard
2011 Thanksgiving Special
2011 Mirror
2011 Bank Robbery
2012 Car Commercial
2012 A Magic Show
2012 The Door
2012 Chopping a Tree Down
2012 Pizza Delivery
2013 The Anonymous Phone Caller Finder Commercial
2013 Sword Fight
2013 Lego Tetris
2014 Lego Asteroids
2014 Cooking with Wrylus McBurpen
2014 Kevin
2014 Speed
2015 Black vs. White
2015 The Chemist Made for Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII entry
2015 Spiderman's Merry Easter Made for EASTER Contest
2015 Spiderman's Merry 4th of July
2016 The Selfish Animator
2016 A Peculiar Event Made for Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIII entry
2016 Spiderman's Merry Friday the 13th
2016 Beneath (A Minecraft Film)
2017 Spiderman Does Some Lame Parkour
2017 Bricks-A-Million Commercial Made for A Brickfilm Christmas
2018 Wrylus McBurpen Makes Dynamite Soup Made for Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV entry
2018 Guy Gets Hit in the Stomach
2018 Spiderman's Merry Christmas Made for The 25 Brickfilms of Christmas
2019 ALIENS! Made for Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVI entry
2019 Svenny's Grand Space Adventure
2019 Greetings from Pablo
2019 Pablo Meets a Fair Maiden
2019 Pablo Saves the Maiden from a Dastardly Villain
2019 Pablo Answers the Telephone
2019 Pablo Meets Spiderman
2019 Down the Chimney Made for the Brickfilm Christmas Collaboration 2019
2020 Pablo Receives a Promotion
2020 Trash Can Made for Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVII entry
2020 Pablo: The Interactive Adventure Made for Brickfilm Day 2020
2020 The Diagnoses of Doctor Dakota - Pablo Gets Diagnosed Made for the Quarantine Daze project by Zach Macias
2020 Pablo Wishes Everyone a Happy 4th of July
2020 A Few Snippets of the Afterlife of the Late Sir Gregory Carbuncle III Fright and Fear Contest entry
2020 Pablo of the Year Septemberfest Contest entry
2020 Pablo Receives a Christmas Gift Made for Holly Jolly Brickmas 2020
2021 Pablo Meets the Ghost of Francis McIntyre
2021 The Most Generous Man
2021 The Diagnoses of Doctor Dakota - An Important Question
2022 a new perspective Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2022 entry