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"Night Owl" is a German brickfilmer. He is known for films including The River, Bill Carney's Body, The Crucible - trailer, and Hastings, which won every awards category in the Masterpieces of Brickfilming Contest.[1] His brickfilms were particularly known for a focus on cinematography, now considered years ahead of its time in brickfilming.


Year Title Notes
2006 Montage Clip - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Unused submission to the BrickFest 2006 Montage
2006 Attack of the Undead Skeleton Warriors
2006 The Simpsons Montage Clip - Forbidden Donut X Unused submission to the BrickFest 2006 Montage
2006 Escaping Doomsday Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2 entry
2006 Shinto X "Best 30 Second Fight Scene" Mini-Contest second place winner
2006 History in Thirty Seconds: Zheng He X
2006 Encounter in the Lost City
2007 iPhone Advertisement X Insanely Great Tees iPhone Ad Contest entry
2007 The Day Crashed Community Project coordinated by Nathan Wells
2007 Night of the Tater Inventions, Discoveries and Extraordinary Achievements Contest entry
2007 Spontaneous Insanity Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 3 entry
2007 The Crucible - trailer
2007 Hastings Masterpieces of Brickfilming winner of all categories[2]
2007 The Gift from the Future Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 4 entry
2008 Narrow Escape Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5 second place winner
2008 Bill Carney's Body
2009 Weed Cops Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 second place winner
2009 The River Space, Time and Reality Contest first place winner