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"Metalzora" is a Scottish brickfilmer.[1] He was primarily known on YouTube in the early years of the site for slapstick Star Wars brickfilms including the Stormtrooper office series and other short animations featuring his Metalzora signature figure, and also for his two Super LEGO Mario films.[2]


Year Title Notes
2006 Boba fett disco
2006 Random LEGO
2007 How not to break in
2007 Super LEGO Mario
2007 Re:Urle urle!
2007 LEGO Raiden and Scorpion
2007 Super LEGO mario: level 2
2007 Metalzora vs technology
2007 The Puddle
2007 Stormtrooper office episode 1
2007 Stormtrooper office episode 2
2007 Stormtrooper office episode 3
2007 Stormtrooper office episode 4
2008 Stormtrooper office episode 5
2008 Metalzora screws with physics
2008 The Untimely owning of Metalzora
2008 Metalzora's breakfast machine
2008 The Trolley
2008 Re:The Obligatory Contest! darthmilo77's Obligatory Contest entry
2008 101 Uses for a LEGO stud #33
2008 Metalzora vs the supernatural
2008 Unemployment Sneak Peek
2008 101 uses for a LEGO stud #92
2009 Imperial Engineer
2009 Metalzora's Magik Brick Includes footage from Magik Brick by Thomas Fyfe
2009 101 Ways a Minifig can FAIL at life #46 - Pest Control