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"Lego Reel" is a group of American brickfilmers, consisting of Ellie, Andrea, and Chris Willingham.[1] The are best known for the Deranged LEGO Movie series of brickfilms.


Year Title Notes
2006? The Treasure Idol[2]
2006? Miner Bob's Adventure
2006? Great Balls of Fire
2006? Lizard of Oz
2006? How LEGO Movies are Made
2006? Dungeons and Dragons: Legend of the Gold Diamond
2006 The Legend of Zero
2006 Evolution
2007 A Robotic Music Video
2007 The Deranged LEGO Movie
2007 Great Balls of Fire
2007 Deranged LEGO Movie 2
2007 Hunting with LEGO Rednecks
2008 Fireside Philosophy
2008 Deranged LEGO Movie 3
2008 Lego Reel students
2008 Fox in the Freezer
2008 Sea Kittens
2009 All-Star!
2009 BoomDeYada
2009 Deranged LEGO Movie 4th and FINAL
2009 Deranged Christmas Carols
2010 BoomDeYada 2
2010 The Block