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"Krick Films" is an American brickfilmer. He is known for films including the Rick & Tom series, the first place THAC 6 entry Winner, and Deathbed Revelations.


Year Title Notes
2005[1] Diamond Man X [2]
2005 Your Mom!
2005 The Best Movie Ever X [3]
2005 Christmas Eve X
2006 Fan Boys
2006 The Diary of Anne Frank
2006 Working Hard
2006 Montage Clip: Star Trek X Unused submission to the BrickFest 2006 Montage
2006 Cow
2006 Glare X [4]
2006 Help! X Mac vs. PC parody
2006 Ninja Mac vs. PC parody
2006 Larry the Last Human Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2 entry
2006 Fart Jokes
2006 Anatine Dictionary Series entry
2006 The Krick Films Halloween Special
2006 Farkle
2006 The Krick Films Christmas Special
2007 Krick Films' MiniContest Entry "Chase, or a Fight, or both" Mini-Contest entry[5]
2007 Earth Day The TTC Contest entry
2007 The Day Crashed Community project coordinated by Nathan Wells
2007 Rick & Tom Go to the FUTURE Inventions, Discoveries and Extraordinary Achievements Contest entry
2007 Deathbed Revelations Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 3 entry
2008 Rick & Tom Time Bamboozlers Unfinished
2008 Dogs With Guns
2008 LEGO Watchmen
2008 Dispatch
2009 Winner Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 first place winner