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"JoeJoeChris014" is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for the three-part Star Wars brickfilm Ambush, from 2009.[2] In more recent years, he occasionally releases CG brickfilm tests.


Year Title Notes
2008 Test
2008 Test 2 Droid Ambush
2009 Cloneman
2009 Life Trailer
2009 Ambush Part 1
2009 A Day With Stew: Deadly Gum
2009 A test with Stew
2009 Ambush part 2
2009 New camera test
2009 Ambush part 3
2010 A day with stew canceled episode
2011 Besieged Teaser
2013 Harlem Shake LEGO Edition
2013 MW3 Shooting Animation Test
2016 Cloneman Returns Teaser
2018 Is this a drill or something
2021 Space Test