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"JO Co" are British brickfilmers.[1] They are best known for their series of brickfilms based on LEGO Adventurers characters, including THAC XVIII top-three entry Johnny Thunder & The Orb of Waktu and BRAWL 2021 top-three entry Johnny Thunder & The Heart of Faber's Peak.[2]


Year Title Notes
2012 Legostien's Monster
2015 Droid Hangar Infiltration
2015 Raiders of The Egyptian Temple
2016 The Fight™
2016 Return to The Egytian Temple
2016 Thapprentice
2017 How Return to The Egyptian Temple Should Have Ended
2017 The Trip
2017 The Fight®
2017 The Penultimate Jedi
2018 Catastrophe
2018 Tha Fight Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest entry
2018 The Battle
2019 Tha Cliff / Enhanced version Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVI entry
2019 Decorative Disorder EASTER 2019 entry
2019 Shark Attack
2020 Brick Bar Brawl Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVII entry
2020 The Heist
2020 Brick 3004 Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest 3 entry
2020 The Con Quest
2020 Seed of Spring The 10 Bricks of EASTER 2020 third place winner
2020 Age of Amber Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2020 entry
2020 Ancient Antique Auctioneers Created for Quarantine Daze
2020 Mount Hostility Brickfilm Day Summer Animation Contest 2020 Round 1 entry
2020 Big Red Button Brickfilm Day Summer Animation Contest 2020 Round 2 entry
2020 Fierljeppen - Canal Vaulting Brickfilm Day Summer Animation Contest 2020 Round 3 entry
2020 The Accident Fright and Fear Contest entry
2020 The Last Red Parrot Septemberfest Contest 2020 second place winner
2020 Drift Created for Holly Jolly Brickmas
2021 Johnny Thunder & The Orb of Waktu Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVIII third place winner
2021 Who Wants to Be an Adventurer? Created for Brickfilm Day 2021
2021 Brick 3024
2021 Johnny Thunder & The Heart of Faber's Peak Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2021 second place winner
2021 A Question Before The Board MANiFEST entry
2021 The Bane of Boreas "Character frozen in a block of ice" Animation Challenge entry
2021 Couch to 5ft Under
2022 Not a THAC Entry! Unofficial Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2022 entry
2022 Absolutely Nothing Happens to Dane Cook
2022 Magic Cheese Part of Brickfilm Day 2022
2022 Special Delivery
2022 Break Break Break Dance Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge "Break Dance" winner
2022 Johnny Thunder & The Tale of The Tikbalang Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2022 entry
2022 Optimus Prime VS A Hefty Rock Commissioned by The LEGO Group via Bricks in Motion
2022 A Step Out of Reality (WIP MANiiFEST Cut) MANiiFEST entry
2022 Christmas Holidaze Episode 1: The Santa Extravaganza Community project serial coordinated by "JO Co" in association with Zach Macias
2022 Christmas Holidaze Episode 2: CHTV
2022 Christmas Holidaze Episode 3: Around the world in Christmas Holidaze
2022 Aftermath! - CHRISTMAS HOLIDAZE: Episode 4?
2023 Which Am I? Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2023 2nd place winner
2023 Bread Bread Bread Created for Brickfilm Day 2023
2023 Reise zum Berg "Peak" | Journey to Mount "Gipfel" Community project coordinated by "JO Co"
Steinerei 2023 entry