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"Hoogiman" is an Australian brickfilmer. He is known for comedy brickfilms such as Monkey Removal Man and Spy Guys. His studio name, OgIg Films, was also used for film releases by two of his brothers, "Gooey" and Christopher "Baldie"/"tikitkirevenge" Chen.


Year Title Notes
2003 Laundriana Jones X [1]
2003 The Wrong Centuries X
2003 Sally Matrix
2003 Dan the Arctic Man's Guide to the Arctic X
2003 Dan the Arctic Man's Guide to the Bar
2003 Get Back to Bed! X
2003 Dino Attack X
2003 How Soccer was Invented X
2003 Street Dance X
2004 Hoogiman and the Attack of the Trailers[2]
2004 The Stupid Marijuana Film
2004 Four to the Floor
2004 Rex Watson: The Pilot X
2004 Matt the Killer Cat X
2004 Hoogiman and the Trees X
2004 TTOTCOTTOTGTDS High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2005 Monkey Removal Man Heroes and Villains Contest entry
2007 Jeopardy
2011 Spy Guys[3]