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"CrazyEd" is a Polish brickfilmer. He is known for brickfilms such as The Bird and The Christmas Tree.[1] He was a moderator of the Polish brickfilming website WMBF.[2]


Full filmography
Year Title Notes
2009 Untitled
2010 Spinning!
2010 Chain Reaction
2010 Falling Down The Stairs "Falling Down Stairs" Animation Challenge winner
2010 Starting A Fire "Starting A Fire" Animation Challenge entry
2010 Running Into a Wall and Making a Dent "Running Into a Wall and Making a Dent" Animation Challenge entry
2010 Swimming "Swimming" Animation Challenge winner
2011 Untitled
2011 Animator's Nap
2011 Crazy Week
2011 Digging A Hole "Digging a hole" Animation Challenge entry
2011 The Fan "Extreme Pain" Animation Challenge entry
2011 1000 Subscribers!
2011 The Ruined Animation X [3]
2011 Once Upon a Time in Random Forest
2011 Mysterious Treasure Chest
2011 Escape From Animator's Desk - An Interactive Adventure
2011 Pulp Fiction - Marvin Shot
2011 Crashing "Crashing" Animation Challenge winner
2011 Animator's Nap: The Sequel X [4]
2011 CrazyEd Gets Shot
2011 The Guitarist
2011 Twick or Tweet
2011 2000 Subscribers!
2011 Throwing a Snowball "Throwing a Snowball" Animation Challenge entry
2011 Snowman X
2011 Christmas Excitement X
2011 Christmas Special
2012 The Bird
2012 Growing Hair "Growing Hair" Animation Challenge entry
2012 Get in The Box
2012 Supper at Midnight X [5]
2012 Symphony
2012 How to Paint a Room
2012 A Scrapped Idea
2012 The Christmas Tree
2012 Untitled Unfinished Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X film
2013 The Duel
2013 Easter Chicks EASTER Brickfilming Contest 2013 first place winner
2013 Alone In The Mountains Unfinished
2013 Jak powstają różne rzeczy i takie tam #1 X [6] Co-production with Arkadiusz Dydek
2014 American Beauty - Rose Petal Dream
2014 Jak powstają różne rzeczy i takie tam #2[7] Co-production with Arkadiusz Dydek
2014 The Great Invention Unfinished
2014 Fireplace Unfinished
2015 Behind The Door Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII film
2015 Telewizja w wielkim skrócie[8] Co-production with Arkadiusz Dydek