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"Brictator" is an American brickfilmer. He is known for creating brickfilms based on historic battles from many different periods, featuring large armies of minifigures and frequent use of practical violence effects utilizing cut up minifigs.[1]


Year Title Notes
2012 LEGO Space Debtors
2012 7 A.D. Battle of Bitte Zieh Dir Die Schuhe Aus
2012 LEGO City Doctor
2012 LEGO City Injury Lawyer
2013 LEGO Mayan Calendar 2012
2013 2014 LEGO Mario Draghi unveils new ECB credit facility
2013 Canada's Most Deadly LEGO Weapon
2013 198 B.C. LEGO Battle of the Aous
2013 The LEGO ghost of Steve Jobs
2013 1633 LEGO Pope Urban VIII vs. Galileo
2013 LEGO City Optometrist
2013 LEGO Classic Castle Battle
2013 1415 LEGO Battle of Agincourt, Hundred Years War
2013 LEGO City Courthouse: The Jodi Arias Verdict
2013 Nomadic LEGO Steppe Jews
2013 Jodi Arias Interview - The Witnesses Nurmi Wouldn't Call
2013 Jodi Arias Allocution: The Mitigating Factors
2013 1340 LEGO Sea Battle at Sluys, Hundred Years War
2013 1346 LEGO Castle Sword Fight
2013 280 B.C. LEGO Battle of Heraclea. Pyrrhus of Epirus vs. Rome
2013 1971 LEGO Ambush
2013 1944 LEGO World War Two Pacific Air Battle
2013 1944 LEGO Tank Battle
2013 1945 LEGO World War Two Naval Battle in the Pacific
2013 1346 LEGO Battle of Crecy, Hundred Years War
2014 279 B.C. LEGO Battle of Asculum, Greek Pyrrhic Victory over Rome
2014 1741 LEGO Battle of Mollwitz, War of Austrian Succession
2014 1944 LEGO World War Two Tank Battle: Panther vs. Sherman Tanks
2014 1939 Lego WW2 Battle For Poland
2014 1815 LEGO Battle of Waterloo at Hougoumont
2014 LEGO Tank Battle
2015 1940 LEGO World War Two Battle for France at Stonne
2015 1940 LEGO World War Two Second Battle of Sedan
2015 1941 LEGO World War Two Battle for Russia | Великая отечественная война
2016 1941 LEGO World War Two Battle of Brody
2017 2017 Black Powder Red Earth in LEGO
2019 1356 LEGO Battle of Poitiers, Hundred Years War
2023 1941 LEGO World War Two - Uman Cauldron
2024 2024 Jurassic Dinosaur Lab Attack