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"BrickTavernFilms" are twin Canadian brickfilmers.[1] They are best known for their LEGO Batman series, including the 22-minute film Batman: The Case of the Killer Croc. They are also known for Some Guys in Space: Episode 1. They won first place in the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2022 with the film Endless.


Year Title Notes
2015 LEGO Batman V Bane
2015 LEGO Batman: The Riddler's Scheme
2015 LEGO Batman: Green Lantern & Shazam
2015 LEGO Batman: Attack of the Penguin
2015 A LEGO Batman Christmas Special X
2016 LEGO Batman V Superman
2016 The Irrelevant Encounter of Two Meaningless Entities, Doomed to Extinction by the Destruction of the Multiverse Also known as LEGO Robber
2016 LEGO BATMAN: Black Mask
2016 LEGO BATMAN: Batman Day
2016 Some Guys in Space: Episode 1
2017 LEGO BATMAN: The Christmas Special 2
2017 An Unfortunate Christmas for LEGO Flash
2018 Batman: The Case of the Killer Croc Also known as LEGO BATMAN: Killer Croc
2018 A Festive Escapade Brickfilm Day Finish The Story collaboration w/ Lewis Townley, Seán Willis, "Ryan Films", Alex Buysse, Jacob Crow, Ben Young, and James Cawood
2019 LEGO SUPERMAN: The Christmas Tree
2021 The Super Friends Build a Snowman and Unalive a Villain
2022 Endless Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2022 first place winner
2024 Batman: Poison Ivy