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"BrickBrosProductions" are Canadian brickfilmers.[1] They are best known for the trilogy of LEGO In Real Life films.[2]


Year Title Notes
? Long lost brickfilm
2015 Legolas' Bad Shot
2015 LEGO Captain America
2015 A Laketown Adventure
2015 The Magical Suprise
2015 LEGO Wild Western
2015 LEGO Batman and the Brickbrothers Also known as LEGO Bank Robbery
2015 Beorn The Woodsman Also known as LEGO Beorn Goes Berserk!
2015 Thor's Hammer
2015 Citizen of the Century The Citizen of the Year LIVES Contest third place winner
2016 The True Lord of the Sith Also known as LEGO Star Wars: Rey's Discovery
2016 LEGO Wild Western 2
2016 Worst Director Ever
2016 Always On Time Sight & Sound Contest fifth place entry
Also known as The Epic Car Chase
2016 Star Wars: Darth Vader's Christmas Special
2017 LEGO Batman: Play Time with Justice Rebrick LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films runner up winner
2017 LEGO Speedy Builder Rebrick Build and Rebuild entry
2017 The Passion of Christ
2017 BrickBrosProductions Patreon Announcement!
2017 Bat-Logic
2017 Star Wars: Pressing Matters Also known as LEGO Star Wars Toilet Fail
2017 LEGO In Real Life[3]
2017 LEGO Mr. Incredible vs Train Side-by-side version
2018 LEGO In Real Life 2
2018 LEGO In Real Life 3
2019 LEGO Cornflakes
2019 LEGO Hulk Plants Trees
2020 Brick Bowl 2020: LEGO Snacks Commissioned by FOX
2020 Squishy Brick
2020 Batman's Workout
2020 The Jump
2020 LEGO In Real Life 4
2020 LEGO In Real Life 5
2020 LEGO In Real Life 6