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"AubreyStudios82" is an American YouTuber. From 2013 to 2018, he primarily created brickfilms, and is best known in brickfilming for his comedic LEGO Batman series.[1] He went on to create documentary videos on the YouTube channel j aubrey.


Year Title Notes
2013 LEGO Star Wars General Grievous vs Agen Kolar
2013 LEGO Star Wars- Death Star Dance Party
2013 LEGO Star Wars- Quitting Time
2013 LEGO Batman- Robin Dies
2013 LEGO Star Wars- The Bounty Hunters
2013 Stormtrooper Training Room
2013 LEGO Star Wars Christmas Special
2014 LEGO Batman vs The Riddler
2014 LEGO Wolverine- The Claw
2014 LEGO Darth Maul
2014 LEGO Harry Potter- Sirius Black Returns
2014 LEGO Batman and Spiderman Trailer
2014 LEGO Batman vs Mr Freeze
2014 LEGO Star Wars- The Accident
2014 LEGO Star Wars- Yoda vs Count Dooku
2014 LEGO Star Wars- Emperor Palpatine's Meeting
2014 LEGO Harry Potter- Hagrid Goes Missing
2014 LEGO Star Wars- Yoda Meets Anakin
2014 LEGO Batman vs The Penguin
2014 LEGO Batman- Arkham Aslyum Breakout
2014 LEGO Batman- The Rise of Nightwing
2014 LEGO Batman- The Batgirl
2014 LEGO Batman and Superman Team Up
2014 LEGO Batman vs The Scarecrow
2014 LEGO Batman- The Two Face Face Off
2014 LEGO Batman- Halloween Special
2014 LEGO Batman- The Attack Of Killer Croc
2014 Mockingjay Teaser Trailer IN LEGO!!
2014 LEGO Star Wars- Greg Gets Fired
2014 LEGO Star Wars Episode VII- The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer
2014 A LEGO Batman Christmas
2015 LEGO Batman- Joker and Riddler Team Up
2015 LEGO Batman- Robin vs The Penguin
2015 LEGO Justice League
2015 Marvel's Avengers Age of Ultron- In LEGO
2015 LEGO Wolverine vs Deadpool
2015 LEGO Batman and Flash Team Up
2015 LEGO Batman- Mother's Day
2015 LEGO Batman vs Aquaman
2015 LEGO Batman- Father's Day
2015 LEGO Batman vs Deadshot
2015 AubreyStudios82 10,000 Subscriber Special
2015 The LEGO Ant-Man
2015 LEGO Batman's Parents Death Parody
2015 LEGO Civil War
2015 LEGO Batman- Arkham Asylum Breakout 2
2015 LEGO Batman- Alfred's Revenge
2015 LEGO Batman- Halloween Spooktacular
2015 LEGO Batman vs Man-Bat
2015 LEGO Batman- Thanksgiving
2015 Another LEGO Batman Christmas
2016 LEGO Star Wars Special
2016 LEGO Republican Debate
2016 LEGO Teen Titans
2016 LEGO Batman- Easter
2016 LEGO Democratic Debate
2016 LEGO Civil War
2016 LEGO Batman Meets Damian Wayne
2016 LEGO Batman Runs For President
2016 LEGO Suicide Squad
2016 LEGO Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton
2016 LEGO Vice Presidential Debate
2016 LEGO Justice League vs The Avengers
2016 LEGO Deadpool
2016 A LEGO Batman Christmas In Vietnam
2017 LEGO Batman- Time Travel
2017 LEGO Yogs Cast
2017 LEGO Batman- Valentine's Day
2017 LEGO Batman- Lame Villains
2017 LEGO Batman's Favorite Marvel Movie
2017 The Adventures of LEGO Donald Trump- The Typo
2017 The LEGO Four Funnies Explore a Cave
2017 Jake Paul - It's Everyday Bro IN LEGO!
2017 LEGO Cars Parody
2017 LEGO Batman- Fourth of July
2017 LEGO Alex Jones
2017 LEGO Batman- The Wedding
2017 LEGO Batman - Halloween Party
2017 LEGO Justice League
2017 A LEGO Batman Christmas Carol
2018 Keemstar's Phone Gets "Hacked"
2018 LEGO ReviewBrah
2018 Robin's Totally Metrosexual Channel Briefing
2018 LEGO Infinity War
2018 LEGO Batman- Robin's Origin