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"ABCD123toast" was a group of Canadian brickfilmers,[1] who were best known in the early YouTube Star Wars brickfilming scene for the series The Battle of Naboo.[2] Some of the members now make video essays on the YouTube channels CJ The X and Ben From Canada.


Year Title Notes
2008 The General Grievous Movie Also known as General Grievous Owns Harry Potter
2008 An Imperial Pilots Day Also known as What Really Happened To Count Dooku
2008 The Return of Jar-Jar
2008 Boba Fett Builds His Slave 1
2008 The Return of The Return of Jar-Jar
2008 The Jawas Build The LEGO Sandcrawler
2009 Darth Vader Builds His Tie Fighter Advanced
2009 The Return of Jar-Jar 3 - The Fall of Boba Fett
2009 The Clone Wars: Battle of Naboo
2009 ABCD123toast's Custom Clone Troopers
2009 LEGO Old Man - The EPIC Chase
2010 The Battle Of Naboo 2 - Delta Squad legoboy12345678's Base Contest entry
2013 The Battle of Naboo 3 (Part 1)
2015 LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Build Animation: Snowspeeder & AT-AT
2016 LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens: Han Solo's Death