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"A." is a German brickfilmer. He is known for experimental, artistic brickfilms, often animated on a flat plain or through digital manipulation of photographs of LEGO.[1] His film No Title 17 - A Brickfilm In Blue, Yellow And Red was one of the winners of the Avant-Garde Contest on Bricks in Motion.


Note that some of the YouTube uploads are slightly corrupted and do not play back entirely as intended.

Year Title Notes
2007 7 days in the life of a minifig X [2][3]
2007 holloh[4]
2007 elevator X [5]
2009 Lichtstudien X [6][7]
2009 no title 5[8][9]
2009 TMD[10][11]
2009 sad yellow robot from outer space The AniExer-size Animation Contest II - Halloween Edition entry[12][13]
2009 24. Ein Weihnachtsfilm[14][15] Christmas Contest 2009 entry[16]
2010 Brickfilms for a better world X [17] Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 entry?[18]
2010 1, 2, 3[19]
2010 No Title 17[20][21] Avant-Garde Contest third place winner
2010 Nazi Rabbits From The Moon[22] Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 film[23]